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Wetlands Field Trips
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Inch Lake Wetland

Inch Lake Special Protection Area brings to life the unique diversity of the Wetland habitats. It is internationally recognised as an important habitat for many breeding and migratory birds. During the Autumn and Winter term it is an exciting place to visit to watch and learn about Whooper swans and Grey Geese. After leaving their breeding grounds in Iceland and Greenland they spend the winter here. During the Spring/Summer term Inch Lake and wetland area is an impressive site to see the Tern Island where these birds have flown over 12,000 miles to breed on Inch Lake.

Wonderful Wetlands programme

This wetland programme will engage pupils in lively educational activities to explore and discover their own role in this fragile habitat in a safe and controlled environment using the equipment provided.

Topics include
-The water cycle
-Birds and migration
-Plants in a watery world and how they have adapted
-Food chains and life cycles of the wetlands
-The importance of the wetland habitat in our every day life


Activities on this field trip include

The Lake side bird watching Challenge - using the binoculars and telescopes provided pupils will learn the basics of how to study and identify birds by their colours, shapes, flight patterns and behaviour.

Habitat scavenger Hunt - A scavenger hunt leads pupils to question what is found in their wetland habitat and what role it has to play there

Habitat Invertebrate Hunt - A hunt for the small creatures that sustain the Wetland habitat foodchain. Pupils will learn the importance of the smallest creatures found in this diverse habitat.


Health and Safety
Nature is committed to a policy of excellence in health and safety. Please visit our health and safety section to find out more information.
Wonderful Wetlands field trip is suitable for 3rd - 6th class and P 4-7 only

To book this field trip for your school, please go to the booking page. If you would like to book a custom made wetland field trip for your school to a local wetlands site nearer to you, please contact us on email education@nature.ie for more information.

School Project
To compliment this field trip programme we are running a Wonderful Wetlands school project during the school year. Please ask the nature education officer on her visit to your school.

If you have any questions about this Field Trip please contact us at education@nature.ie.

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