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Coastal Fieldtrips
(c) 2007 Martin MacDonnacha 

Explore the Shore

This programme brings to life the diverse habitats and wildlife found on the Donegal coastline. Pupils will engage in lively educational activities to explore the shore and discover their own role in this fragile habitat.

Using the equipment provided, pupils will explore their local coastal habitat in a safe and controlled environment.

Topics include
- The water cycle
- Plant and animal adaptations
- Food chains
- Coastal conservation
Additional Environmental themes can include Waste and Recycling, Air and Water Pollution


Activities on this field trip include

Rock pool habitat study using nets, magnifying glasses and identification charts pupils will hunt for rock pool wildlife and learn about the species they find; their life cycle and their role in the rock pool habitat.
Periods of low tide only arrange with education officer on an appropriate date in accordance to local tide times.

Strandline secrets A coastal scavenger hunt leads pupils to question what is washed up after the high tide and how it got there!


Field trip locations
Locations for a coastal fieldtrip can be arranged with the education officer to take place at a location of your choice or you can choose from a number of identified sites throughout Donegal.

Health and Safety
Nature is committed to a policy of excellence in health and safety. Please visit our health and safety section to find out more information.

To book this field trip for your school, please go to the booking page. If you would like to book a custom made wetland field trip for your school to a local wetlands site nearer to you, please contact us on email education@nature.ie for more information.

School Project
To compliment this field trip programme we are running an Explore the shore school project during the school year. Please ask the nature education officer on her visit to your school.
If you have any questions about this field trip please contact education@nature.ie.

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