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Wild Woodlands Outreach
(c) 2006 Brigin Clafferty 

The Wild woodlands of Ireland are a perfect habitat to create a learning experience for any class. The woodland habitats we have in Ireland are host to our most diverse range of plant and animal species. Woodlands provide us with shelter, clean air, timber and other natural renewable resources.

Wild Woodland programme

This interactive learning programme will introduce pupils to the importance of woodland habitats and conservation in their local environment. Students will be encouraged to share and learn their own experiences, to create a sense of responsibility for their local wooded area.
Topics include
  • The woodland as a habitat
  • How a tree works
  • The food chains within the woodland habitat
  • The comparison between deciduous and evergreen woodlands
  • The identification of trees, plants and animals
  • The importance of woodlands in our every day life

Audience level
The Wild Woodlands Outreach programme is suitable for all classes. A field trip is available to compliment this programme. To find out more about this field trip, please visit the woodlands field trip page.

Session Length
All outreach programmes contain an interactive powerpoint presentation and a variety of practical learning activities. The length of each session can be tailor made to suit the classes own timetable.

School Project
To compliment this Outreach programme we are running a Wild Woodlands school project during the school year. If you would like to take part, please visit the
woodlands school project page.

To book this Outreach visit now for your school, please go to the booking page.

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