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Corncrake Outreach
(c) 2006 Brian Caffery 

The Corncrake (Crex crex) is known as the secretive bird of the meadows. The distinctive breeding call of the male Corncrake was once heard throughout all of Ireland during the summer months. After almost a century of decline, the population of this endangered migratory bird has now been confined to only a few areas in Ireland. The Islands and coastal fringes of North Donegal, The floodlands of the Shannon Callows and the hay meadows of West Connacht are its few remaining strongholds.

The Corncrake programme
This outreach programme aims to introduce pupils to a local bird species that is threatened with extinction to create an awareness of conservation.

Topics include
  • Migration
  • Biodiversity of the grassland habitat
  • Food chains
  • The concept of endangered and extinct animal species
  • The changes in farming practices
  • Habitat and species conservation

Audience level
The Corncrake Outreach programme is suitable for all classes

Session Length
All outreach programmes contain an interactive powerpoint presentation and a variety of practical learning activities. The length of each session can be tailor made to suit the classes own timetable.

School Project
To compliment this Outreach programme we are running a special Corncrake school project during the last school term. If you would like to take part, please visit the corncrake school project page.

To book this Outreach visit now for your school, please go to the booking page.

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