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Please note that in order to play back the videos the main thing you need is the flash player. Most computers built in the last five years would already have this on them, so chance are you already have this. However, if you are having trouble getting the videos to play - go to this page for more help.

How it works
The videos are played back over the internet using "streaming" which means basically you dont need to sit around waiting for the entire video file to download before you start to watch, instead it plays each bit of the file just as soon as that bit has downloaded. We've also optimised the videos so we can offer two versions of every video: a bigger file (high quality) version for people with broadband connections and a smaller file (lower quality) one for people still using a slower, dialup connections.

Copyright and permissions
The people who filmed the footage that's available on this page deserve acknowledgement for their work and skill. If you want to use some of the footage featured here, do the right thing and contact the person who filmed it to get permission. If you don't have their contact details, we can put you in touch with any person who contributed a video to this site if you contact us via email at info@nature.ie.

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