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Donegal Butterfly Survey
(c) 2006 Paddy McCrossan 

The Donegal butterfly survey has been in progress since 1998 and has confirmed 24 resident species and two regular migrants with one rare migrant (the clouded yellow). In 2006 we are particularly interested in reports, pictures or comments on butterflies in or around Inishowen as the peninsula has only 17 confirmed species so far.

With your help we can increase our knowledge on these beautiful species. We're especially interested in sightings or reports of the following butterfly species
  • the Marsh fritillary
  • the Silver washed fritillary
  • the Wall brown
  • the Wood white
  • the Large heath
  • the Small blue
It's easy to report or post a picture or comment on our butterfly survey section simply click on the link below!

Please click here to report a butterfly sighting

Update June 2007
Unfortunately due to abuse by "spam robots" anonymous posting has now been disabled on all survey message boards. If you want to report a sighting you will now have to log-in/ register first to leave a message. Joining up/ registering is very fast and easy, you just need a valid email account. Thanks for your continued support and patience.

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