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Breeding Chough Survey
(c) 2006 Julie Ann Welsh 

Chough are one of Irelands most endangered birds and Donegal?s population is of international importance. They are very vocal birds and are usually heard before being seen. The Chough normally nests on coastal cliffs but can be found inland as well. They feed on insects in the soil and dung piles. You would normally associate them with short-cropped grasses but they can be found in most coastal habitats around Donegal. Their loud vocal calls and striking red beak and legs make them fairly obvious in the field. During the breeding bird period of mid April to mid June we will be asking for you to report where you see Chough and where you suspect them to be nesting.

A young student Daniel Maloney will be conducting a breeding bird survey of the North Inishowen Coast, covering all the known and traditional breeding locations. This will involve Daniel walking the whole North Inishowen coastline, not an easy task! You could help make life easier by reporting any sightings or suspected nests on the Link below.

Please click here to report a chough sighting

Update June 2007
Unfortunately due to abuse by "spam robots" anonymous posting has now been disabled on all survey message boards. If you want to report a sighting you will now have to log-in/ register first to leave a message. Joining up/ registering is very fast and easy, you just need a valid email account. Thanks for your continued support and patience.

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