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Wildlife reports
Every year we plan to help and accommodate new surveys, which will enhance our understanding of nature around us. We will be asking for your help with some of the surveys while some surveys will be carried out by experts in their field. All findings will be posted and can be discussed on our site.

The aim of this programme is to bring together amateurs and experts to increase awareness and understanding of the environment in which we live. On line discussion is a great way to find out local information and understand how our local environment is being shaped. It also helps us find out what's actually happening on the ground.

Our surveys include:
Update June 2007
Unfortunately due to abuse by "spam robots" anonymous posting has now been disabled on all survey message boards. If you want to report a sighting you will now have to log-in/ register first to leave a message. Joining up/ registering is very fast and easy, you just need a valid email account. Thanks for your continued support and patience.

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