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Nature Outreach
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On this page you can find out how an outreach visit works, the links to the curriculum, the programmes available now and how to go about booking a visit to your school.

Why Nature Outreach visits?
A Nature Outreach visit brings the sounds, smells and stories from the natural environment into the classroom. It is a fantastic opportunity for children and teachers to take part in a fully interactive learning experience using local environmental themes. Within the outreach visit we engage pupils using fun and stimulating teaching materials. We encourage pupils to learn from their own experiences and share them with the class. We use a range of delivery techniques to capture children's creativity and curiosity.

National Curriculum links
The Nature Outreach programmes offer unique cross-curricular opportunity. All programmes are linked to the National Curriculum and incorporate cross-curricular activities.

Within our programmes the key subjects covered are
  • Science - plants and animals, habitats, life processes, food chains, species protection
  • Geography - environmental change, development and land management
  • History - knowledge and understanding social and cultural changes

The outreach visit also provides a great opportunity to link with other curricular areas, making the visit a truly cross curricular experience. Some of the other activities and areas covered are
  • Literacy - role playing, story writing, debate and class discussions
  • Mathematics - measuring, handling data (graphs, tables, charts) and info interpretation
  • Art and Design - observational drawing and model making
  • Music - identifying natural melodies and mimicking
  • Information Technology - utilising the Nature Internet site forum to share information and ideas with other schools

Session Length
All outreach programmes contain an interactive powerpoint presentation and a variety of practical learning activities. The length of each session can be tailor made to suit the classes own timetable.

Our Outreach programmes:
"Wild Woodlands"
"The Corncrake"
"The Coast"
"School Yard Detectives"

Alternatively if you have a particular environmental theme or topic not covered by our programmes, we can tailor a programme to suit your project needs.
Please contact our Environmental education officer at

To find out more information on how to book, please visit this page.

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