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Inishowen Moth Survey
(c) George McDermot 2007 

A survey of Moths range and distribution on Inishowen. Public records and sightings are essential to the success of this survey.

This survey is the vital first step to creating our own database on Inishowen and will underpin effective moth conservation in the local area. Through improved knowledge of moths and their requirements the survey organisers hope to stimulate more public interest, and have a positive impact on the identification and conservation of important habitats and moth diversity on Inishowen. Inishowen contains many important and diverse habitats of woodland, coast, mountain, bog and river to name but a few. To ensure the protection of this natural range of biodiversity we must first know what is there. This survey intends to fill one small chapter of essential knowledge about Inishowen?s biodiversity.

This project is linked to the Donegal Biodiversity project and all records feed into the Donegal Moth survey organised by Ralph Sheppard. Through the use of digital photographs and email the survey can archive, catalogue and validate records with multiple moth interest groups both simultaneously and rapidly. Photos are often circulated in this way to the MothsIreland web discussion group where a large consensus group can be easily accessed to give expert opinion.

The aims of the Inishowen Moth Survey are
  • Establish a database for Inishowen Moths.
  • Organise local surveys with schools, and collaborate with Teagasc, R.E.P.S., National Parks and Wildlife Service, local authorities and other voluntary groups involved with biodiversity recording.
  • Organise and run public events to encourage an interest in moths and moth recording and to encourage public involvement in conservation, for example by creating Moth-friendly habitats in parks and gardens, and in participation in local and national projects e.g. Natural Heritage week and National Moth Night.
  • Perform a watchdog function in Inishowen to ensure that important habitats are not destroyed through bad policy or planning.
  • Advise landowners and managers on moth conservation.

The project is organised by George McDermott and Karl King and is funded by the Heritage Council.

Please post your sightings or pictures in the discussion forum or contact George directly at georgemcd@online.ie

Funded by the Heritage Council

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