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Hen Harrier winter roost survey
(c) Barry O'Donoghue 2005 

This winter sees the first winter roost survey of Hen Harriers undertaken on a national level in Ireland. Normally associated with blanket bog and upland heath the Hen Harrier prefers coastal reed bed habitat during the winter months. Known roost sites and potential roosts will be watched by volunteer and professional alike this winter as we try to establish a base line data set for probably Irelands most endangered bird species.

Hen harriers have been known to frequent Inishowen during the summer and winter months with the central massif of Sliabh Sneachta and the Illies providing most of the summer records. There are no recent confirmed breeding records of Hen Harriers on Inishowen but this does not mean species does not breed here, as they are notoriously difficult to pin point. Inch and Trawbreaga bay are the most likely suspects for winter roosts but other coastal areas of reed beds could also provide the cover these magnificent birds need.

The survey methods are simple involving one hour of watching before sunset, once a month at your chosen site.

If your interested in taking part in the survey please contact Barry O' Donoghue who is co-ordinating the survey Nationally or E. Johnston who is co-ordinating the survey on Inishowen.



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