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Health and Safety
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Student/ Teacher safety and care is our first priority. We have drawn on our team's years of individual experience working in the environment sector in Ireland and abroad to set standards which more than meet the Irish requirements. Our health and safety policy includes
  • All nature teaching staff hold current and relevant qualifications in first aid and carry a fully equipped first aid equipment on field trips
  • All field sites, buildings and activities have been carefully surveyed for potential risks and hazards to ensure maximum comfort and safety
  • Full risk assessments will be carried out before any visit. A copy will be sent to the school before the trip to ensure EVERYONE is aware of any possible hazard on the trip.
  • Special attention to personal hygiene and care on field trips
  • Regular head-counts during fieldwork

However it is the responsibility of the lead teacher for the health and safety of the pupils at all times on any field trip. Nature can only advise.

Weather awareness
The weather in the outdoors is a very important consideration in Ireland, it can catch even the most prepared off-guard! We aim to plan for all weather eventualities and give clear and concise guidelines for all our field trips on what clothing and equipment is required.

Further information
If you have any queries or suggestions on health and safety please get in touch at education@nature.ie.

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