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Woodlands Photograph Project
(c) 2006 E Johnston 

Can you take a WILD photograph?

This School project links with the Wild Woodlands Outreach programme and Field trip. The aim of this project is to take a WILD photograph of the Woodlands in your local area. The winning pupil will receive a free Outreach Visit from Nature for their class. The winning photograph will be on display on our website.

How to take part
Your WILD photo should tell a story about the woodlands. Give the photograph a title and a short descriptive story. It can be a landscape shot, a photograph of a single tree, a photograph of a carpet of woodland plants - it's completely up to the photographer! The photo can be either colour, or black and white. Choose something which will capture the interest of the general public. You can scan the photo and upload it to the special woodlands project section on our site. If you have any technical problems or run into difficulty please contact us for assistance at education@nature.ie. We are looking forward to seeing your photos! Good Luck!

The Winner
This is what we are looking for
  • The photograph must capture the interest of the general public
  • The photograph should tell a story of the woodlands. Give the photograph a title and write a sentence to describe how it makes you feel.
  • You can only enter 1 photograph
  • The judges will have the winning result before the end of the term. The winning pupils photograph will be posted on our website.
  • Please note the judges decision is final and not open to appeal

Quick link
  • Click this link to jump directly to the special woodlands competition area

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