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Nature Table project
(c) 2006 Pauline Bryce 

The Nature Table Challenge

There's no complicated jargon or confusing methodologies, in fact the Nature Table challenge is simple! All you need is a small easily accessible empty table that can accommodate groups around it. We provide you with instructions for the table and ongoing support. We will even give you a few items to get you started as well as access to our online facility to join in!

The Nature Table works as an extra classroom prop, where you can draw ideas and inspiration for your curriculum studies. The Nature Table can be used as a large scale school project or as a classroom based initiative for teachers and pupils to develop and use whenever to like.

You can make it as detailed or as broad as you like, we will provide you with example themes and help you develop your own. The whole concept of the Nature Table is to get the children to take more notice of their surroundings when playing at home, on the way to school, or even in the school grounds. Simple things like the changes of the seasons will be reflected and tracked by what turns up on your Nature Table. It can also help save your school finances as we are offering a prize of a half-day outreach visit to the winning class- see details below.

How to take part
To take part in our Nature Table competition all you have to do is register your school with us and post a picture and/or a short description of your nature table, preferably written by the children themselves on our website. You can post your picture and description in the special nature table project section. If you have any difficultly please contact us for assistance at education@nature.ie.

The Winner
The winning Nature Table will be the table with the combination of the best presentation with the largest diversity of Nature on their table. All applications for the competition have to be posted before the the end of term 1 and will be judged by the National Parks and Wildlife Ranger for Inishowen and the Inishowen Wildlife Club.
Note : The judges decision is final and is not open to appeal.

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