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Nature Schools Projects
(c) P. Bryce 2006 

Why should learning with Nature end after we have visited you? In order to compliment our Outreach and Field trip experience we have designed a schools/class project for each of our programme themes. Taking part in our Schools projects is very easy and could save your school finances!

How does it work?
At the end of a school visit we will launch our school project with you and your class. Using the Nature website you can upload your project onto our site for all to see. We have someone available to help if you have any difficulties or need further information please contact us at education@nature.ie.

At the end of the school year or term we will have a relevant professional from the theme judge all the entries and announce the winner from each project theme. The best overall class project for each theme will receive one free outreach visit from the Nature team! So why not pick a school project and join in?

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