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Woodlands FieldTrips
(c) P. Bryce 2006 

The Wild woodlands of Ireland are a perfect habitat to create a learning experience for any class. The woodland habitats we have in Ireland are host to our most diverse range of plant and animal species. Woodlands provide us with shelter, clean air, timber and other natural renewable resources. Ireland was once famed for its dense forests, now it is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with less than 10% tree cover.

Wild Woodlands programme

The woodlands field trip programme will make the topic of woodlands and trees more accessible to you and your pupils. Pupils will be encouraged to learn frm their own hands-on woodland experiences in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Pupils will gain a sense of responsibility and respect for their local wooded areas.

Topics include
- The woodland as a habitat
- How a tree works
- Food chains and life cycles
- The comparison between deciduous and evergreen woodlands
- Tree, plant and animal Identification
- The importance of woodlands in our very day life


Activities on this fieldtrip include

Wild Woodlands habitat study - All students become woodland detectives for this activity. The pupils are guided through the wooded area where information is gathered and tasks are completed. The challenge of this activity is to gather the clues and piece them together to discover what makes up a woodland habitat.

Woodland Nature Hunt - For this activity pupils work in teams and use their map reading skills to successfully complete the Nature Hunt course and answer spot questions.

Woodland floor invertebrate hunt - Using the equipment provided students will work together to collect, identify and record the woodland floor invertebrates for investigation.


Health and Safety
Nature education is committed to a policy of excellence in health and safety. Please visit our health and safety section to find out more information.

To book this field trip now for your school, please go to the booking page. If you would like to book a custom made woodlands field trip for your school to a local nature site near to you, please contact us on email education@nature.ie for more information.

School Project
To compliment this field trip programme we are running a Wild Woodlands school project during the school year. If you would like to take part, please visit the woodlands school project page.

If you have any questions about this Field Trip please contact us at education@nature.ie.

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