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Nature Environmental Education
(c) 2006 Brigin Clafferty 

Our programmes aim to give children the opportunity to develop their investigative skills, to question and interact with the natural world in which they live. Students will explore their local environment and the interdependence of living things. Our programmes will help them discover their own role in the natural world.

Primary school education services
Our educational programmes are designed to suit all ages and levels of primary school pupils within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our aim is to make local environmental topics and themes more accessible to teachers and students.

We can assist you with your delivery of these topics and themes through the school curriculum. Our interactive approach promotes the local environment in an enjoyable, fun and inspiring way. All our programmes contain cross-curricular opportunities with an integrated approach to learning. Within our programmes we use a wide range of traditional and modern delivery techniques to stimulate the students creativity and curiosity. Each programme can be tailored to fit with your individual requirements.

Outreach Visits
Our Outreach service is a fantastic opportunity to bring nature into your classroom!
The Outreach experience is where
  • Nature knowledge is shared
  • Students are encouraged to learn from their own experiences
  • Classroom based activities bring nature to life
  • Environmental Education is fun!
You can find out more about Outreach here.

Field Trips
Our Field Trips service is a great opportunity to bring the class out to experience Nature for themselves!

Through our Field Trip Programmes the local natural and social environment is introduced to students and brought alive. The field trips provide hands-on interactive experience in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

Field trips bring opportunities for students to
  • Become explorers, detectives and investigators
  • Integrate their skills and knowledge
  • Complete practical tasks that have meaning and a purpose
  • Have fun outdoors!
Find out more about our Field Trip service here.

Heritage in Schools Scheme

Nature is proud to be included in the 2008/09 Heritage in Schools Scheme as one of their Heritage specialists. This means that as a school you can have Nature in your classroom or on a field trip at a subsidised rate. Funding is provided through the Heritage Council. Visits can be for half a day, a full day or a 5 series visit as a block or spread over the academic the year. For more details contact education@nature.ie or 00353 (0) 87 1334806


Summer Programmes
Nature summer programmes use local topics and interests to create fun and interesting nature based projects for youth clubs/ groups, community groups and other groups who are interested in spending time contributing to their own locality. Summer programmes can be tailored to fit your timeframe and address your own goals, for example team building.

Summer programmes are designed to increase awareness, appreciation and understanding of nature on a locally focused level. This doesn?t mean it has to be a chore. We like to help people get out there and get stuck in to physical and mental challenges while helping them to learn about their own local environment.

For more information on our summer programmes click here.

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